ABOUT US Business Electrival, originally from the city of Valparaiso, was born on September 1, 1981, as an entrepreneurial vision of its CEO Celedón Águila, and since 1983, it has been developing its activities in the Magallanes Region in the austral region. city of Punta Arenas. It is then expanded to the Lake District in the city of Puerto Montt, to meet the needs of services in shipyards of Valdivia. Electrival's constant expansion policy leads it to provide services in the city of Porvenir on Tierra del Fuego Island and subsequently, due to the progress of the country and the needs of its customers in matters of energy sustainability, it is implanted in the capital, creating Electrival Santiago for the development of electrical projects related to energy saving in corporate buildings and industrial buildings
MISSION Company Electrival is an organization whose main purposes are marketing and electrical services in the areas of generation, industrial control, facilities and sustainable projects and renewable energy. Electrival in its sales area represents manufacturers of products of recognized quality in the market, and delivers services in the different areas of electrical maintenance to the maritime and industrial market of the country.
VIEW To be considered a leading company in the country, internally integrated and to the local communities where we are present, proactive, with credibility, made up of staff with a vocation for service, qualified and motivated, with a focus on the client, on meeting their requirements and needs ; in the continuous improvement of its processes and in delivering quality services according to market demands.
Company Electrival is an organization that has delivered for more than 37 years confidence and satisfaction to its customers in the commercialization and electrical services, in the area of generation, electromechanical control, facilities and projects in the maritime and industrial market through the southern southern territory. and in Chilean Patagonia, as in other ports of Chile and abroad Our main objective is the search for satisfaction of our customers, which must be achieved through organizational values, such as the permanent commitment to offer products and services in a timely manner, with awareness of responsible team work, free of charge. mistakes. Thus, with a competent and committed staff, implementation of new technologies and a quality management system based on compliance with the requirements established in the i.s.o. 9001: 2008; environmental care; Occupational safety and health of its personnel, meets the requirements of its customers. Electrival is committed to continuously improve its processes, the competence and the benefits of the people that make up the organization, to comply with its integral management system, which allows for sustainable growth.
Electromechanical Ground Diesel Mechanics Electrical Projects Luminary
OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY  - Human capital is one of the central pillars of the organization, Electrival is committed to maintaining an occupational health and safety management system, from which it is necessary to comply with the legal provisions that govern its operation, carry out productive work safe, ensuring human development, the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases in a harmonious work environment, promoting self-care through training and permanent development - Comply with current legislation and other requirements contracted in occupational health and safety matters. - Identify, evaluate and continuously control the risks in their processes, both under normal conditions and in emergencies. - To promote in its workers a preventive culture in matters of safety and occupational health, through the permanent and effective leadership of its executives and supervisors, focused on a culture of responsible behavior. - Permanent commitment to the continuous improvement of the management system, processes and performance related to safety and occupational health based on audit findings, data analysis, corrective actions; preventive and other sources of improvement.

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"Experience since 1981"
Address: Phone: Email: Presidente Ibáñez 05757, Punta Arenas +61-2247218 +56-9-98741435 electrival@electrival.cl
Address: Phone: Email: Parque industrial Apiasmontt Sitio 4, Puerto Montt +65-2277660 electrival@electrival.cl